Electric Bill Too High? Here are Some Tips That Can Help!

If you are Canadian and keep up with the news, you have probably that many of us are tired of paying Hydro rates that are much higher than our counterparts in the United States. This is particularly true in Ontario, to the point where the provincial government has taken steps to lower everyone’s bill each month.

That will help people somewhat, but you can take further steps on your own to increase the savings. Here are a few tips on how you can lower your Hydro bill with just a few small changes:

Turn down that air conditioner

Even with today’s more efficient air conditioners, you can really run up your Hydro bill if you leave them on for too long. Try closing the curtains to prevent the sun from coming in and heating up rooms. Also, set the air conditioner to a lower temperature so that it does not run as long.

Try to do things in the evening

Most power companies have a tiered fee system. That means that it can cost more to do certain things at one time in the day than at another. Typically, while the times may vary from area to area, it is cheaper to use electrical power after 7 PM and before 7AM. Try to schedule activities like laundry and running the dishwasher later in the day as it will cost you less.

Unplug things

You may think that just because you are not using something, it is not using power. However, that is not true for all electrical appliances. Things like modern televisions and computers use power even when they are not turned on. Try plugging such things into a power bar that has an on-off switch; switch them off when they are not in use or during periods where you will be away for some time.