These Home Builders in Ontario Are Building Something Inspiring

There’s a lot of negativity in the news about the state of housing here in Canada. On one end of the spectrum, you’ve got a booming housing market that’s making investors rich; on the other, a shortage of affordable housing that puts homeownership far out of reach for money. But some Royal Home Builder in Ontario are taking on innovative, inspiring projects that offer a glimpse of a better future for the housing situation.

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Custom Homes for First Nation Residents

Housing is a pressing issue in Ontario’s north, particularly among some First Nation communities. Many reserves rely on prefabricated government homes that haven’t stood the test of time. In fact, some of these homes are barely standing – not to mention overcrowded.

A team of urban planners from Ryerson University is hoping to change that by putting the power of design into the hands of First Nations communities. For the past two years, they have been working with members of the Nibinamik Nation to plan custom homes that fill the gaps in the community’s housing situation.

The team has consulted with individual families and the community at large to design ideal homes. Some of the ideas include an emphasis on community gathering areas, bedrooms large enough to accommodate larger families, sustainable energy sources, and storage space for hunting gear.

The ability to craft one’s own home is so enormously empowering. Although the community is still waiting on the go-ahead for government funding, the project holds great promise. Home builders in Ontario could soon be building custom homes that could make a huge difference in this small community. And that’s awesome.

Radically Eco-Friendly Homes

When you read the words “prefabricated home”, you probably picture something along the lines of what a Google image search for the term delivers; small, squarish homes that look like they rolled off a factory line. They’re cool, to be sure, but they aren’t exactly popular.

Royal Homes’ custom prefab homes are bringing fresh ideas to the world of eco-friendly home building. They’re not the prefabricated home builder on the block, but there’s one important thing that sets them apart from the rest: once in place, Royal Homes’ custom prefab homes are indistinguishable from a house built the old-fashioned way.

That’s an important difference. If eco-friendly prefab building is ever going to go mainstream, the houses have to actually look like homes. While the uber-modern shipping crate homes have a niche appeal, they aren’t what most people desire in a home.

And that’s what makes these homes inspiring. They make sustainability beautiful. That could be the key to finally getting people on board with eco-friendly housing.

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