Safety Saves Lives on the Job

Have you ever worked in a position that required you to work high off of the ground? If so, did you have adequate training before you started that work? Working at heights safety is not something to be forgotten; just like any job with an element of risk, proper instruction is key to preventing injuries.

Although great strides have been made in this area, more than 40,000 Canadians per year are injured in falling accidents at work. OHS, Canada’s Occupational Health & Safety Magazine, reports that the most common reasons for these accidents include poor lighting, slippery surfaces, missing protective devices, poorly maintained equipment, lack of safety equipment, poor (or no) training, and workers having to rush in order to meet deadlines. All of these are unacceptable.

It is up to employers to provide a workplace and equipment suitable not only for workers to do the job, but to do it with a proper degree of safety. Unfortunately, poor management practices often only come to light following a tragedy. Ideally, both employers and workers should keep their eye out at all times for problems before they happen.

Employers also need to take the time to properly train their employees. Many of the workers suffering terrible accidents are young and new to this sort of job. These individuals especially need careful instruction and mentorship when beginning a position.

Working at heights training in a classroom is usually the first step. Students learn about all of the risks and safety procedures before they receive additional instruction on the worksite. Do you have concerns about the safety in your company? All workers have rights as stated by the rules of the Ontario Ministry of Labour. Visit their website to learn more about safety standards and how you can help to ensure safety in your workplace.