How to Reduce Hydro Bills

Hydro bills getting you down? Yes, Ontarians got a bit of a break when the governing Liberal Party made some changes last year, but hydro bills can still take a big bite. This is particularly true if you live in a good-sized house and have a large family. We all love the basic conveniences of modern life, but do they have to cost so much?

Fortunately, there are ways to effectively reduce your monthly hydro bill that are easy to implement and will not have a drastic effect on your preferred lifestyle:

Turn Things Off

Well, let’s start with one that seems perfectly logical. Don’t leave the lights on in a room when you’re not there; that’s easy! However, it gets more complicated as there are electricity drains happening you might not even be aware of. Just because your electronic equipment is turned off doesn’t mean it’s not using power. You would be shocked to know just how much juice these devices consume when in standby mode. If you are not using them, unplug. You can make this easier with a plug bar that has an On/Off switch.

Do Things During Off-Peak Times

Most areas have set times described by power companies as Off-Peak, Mid-Peak, and On-Peak. The latter times are when electricity consumption is typically at its highest, so power companies charge more. Confine activities like laundry and running your dishwasher to the off-peak times, which can be as much as 40-50% less per kilowatt hour.

Smart Thermostats

Thermostats have come a long way in the past few years. They are very easy to program and, with some models, you don’t even have to be home to do it. Automatically lower your temperature at night and stay within a certain range during the day. The annual savings will more than justify the cost of a new thermostat.


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