Misuse of Antibiotics Inadvertently Threatening Everyone’s Health

Antibiotics have saved countless lives over the years and the world has benefited tremendously from their creation. However, like all drugs, these can be misused and the results can be catastrophic for everyone.  They can indeed be too much of a good thing.

While our current crop of antibiotics has been effective at largely neutering some diseases, new strains are appearing. The drugs we have on hand are not working and scientists are having trouble creating new ones that will have the desired effect. While it seems impossible to consider in this advanced age, we could be facing a new era comparable to the times when major outbreaks like the black plague killed millions of people.

There are several theories as to why doctors are relying too heavily on antibiotics in their treatment regimen. One of the most prominent is the thinking that, if they do not prescribe something that will make a patient well quickly, they will be deemed ineffectual. The unfortunate fact is that many people are given physician approval to take drugs for conditions that don’t require them.

Possible solutions include changing the way in which young doctors are educated. Instead of relying on prescriptions so heavily, the new crop of physicians need superior diagnostic skills in order to recognize when drugs are truly the answer to a patient’s problems.

While the burden of responsibility is on the medical side, it is important for people to do their part. Think about how you are feeling. There is nothing wrong with seeing a doctor, but if this is something you have had before, can you remember how you got through it previously? People just need to take a few sick days filled with rest in order to overcome certain ailments. If that is the case, try to go this route instead of automatically reaching for antibiotics. We will all benefit from your restraint in the end.



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